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Wireless networks in a commercial setting are more complicated than setting up a wifi router in a home. A business environment needs a well-engineered and properly implemented wifi service. Cutting corners can create connectivity issues, costing the company time and revenue. ABIS Datacom has decades of experience in wireless network and internet installation. ABIS Datacom knows the ins and outs of communication infrastructure and thus can help you set up a reliable wifi network.

ABIS Datacom offers unparalleled service when it comes to commercial wifi installation. With a team of trained and highly qualified technicians, you’re wifi installation will be done quickly and efficiently.

wifi for business

One of the core ideas behind an enterprise-type Wi-Fi solution is that you can setup multiple access points to cover a large area and manage them from a single interface while your wireless clients seamlessly roam between them as needed.

We offer the best names in commercial wifi equipment.

A commercial/enterprise-level wireless network installation demands the best technology available. That’s why our communication infrastructure uses proven systems like CISCO and Ubiquiti.

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