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ABIS Datacom has been providing infrastructure cabling solutions, voice, data, and converged network solutions since 1985. We specialize in creating customized Network and IT solutions for our customers.

From design, installation to support and service, ABIS Datacom operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your technology best serves your business.

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Why Choose Us

ABIS Datacom is a leading Communications and Cabling Contractor company that provides professional installation services across the country with roots in Texas.  With decades of experience, ABIS Datacom strives to deliver the best results while implementing best practices. Our design team shapes the professional services and installations that carefully meet your organizational demands. ABIS Datacom offers professional installation services at affordable prices. We have talented technicians with multiple years of hands-on experience and an excellent record of accomplishment of quality project delivery.

Decades of Experience

We are composed of a team with wide years of experience in the various fields of network and communications. Our teams comprise experienced installers that apply key process knowledge and best practices to optimal project delivery. A combination of both office and field experience gives us an added advantage as a network installer in Texas. As a leading fibre optic contractor in Texas, our specialities in fiber optics include fiber optic fusion splicingair-blown fiber, micro duct applications and as well as micro trenching. We understand the standard procedures in network installation services which we have proven in the previously successful completed project. As such we have been recognized to be among the best network installers in Texas.


Our large portfolios include several network and communication services and installations. We undertake both business and commercial Wi-Fi installation services and design that supplies stable and high speed networks. Reliable and secure connectivity is guaranteed with the use of top-rated products for your installation. At ABIS Datacom our depth of experience and expertise covers man brands of state of the art equipment that also includes highly scalable Ubiquiti Unifi system.

Cost-effective Installations

If you are looking for the best price network installation services across the country, then you are at the right place. As we are a renowned affordable network cabling company poised to optimally deliver top quality services with cost-effective methods. Our team of experts and network professional installers have extensive educational background plus an excellent track record of success. ABIS Datacom offers the best network installation services  tailored specifically to give your organization a more competitive advantage.

Reliable Services

ABIS Datacom understands the importance of quality and reliability network installations. We factor in the scalability of every project in the design stage to meet the demands of future upgrades. You can count on our expertise to fully implement the need for future expansion, upgrade, relocation and scaling of installations. We are constantly researching and developing our skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the recent trends and developments in the market.

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Executive Team

Jason Miller - Managing PartnerManaging Partner

Jason Miller

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    Daniel Beal

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        Tony Adams

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