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Consulting Solutions

Don’t be naive when it comes to your companies Communications and Networking Needs. Sales reps will often try to sale you into a less than optimal solution because they are paid to sell you their services whether they fit your business or not.

With 200 quality vendors in the ABIS toolkit, our consultants work with you to find the right solution for your business communications challenges.

Growth means success, but it can also mean stress on network and operations. Let ABIS take the stress out so you can focus on your day to day operations and Networking obligations.

ABIS will do the following for you:


Strategize and Design: Allow ABIS to strategically formulate a plan that best suits your Voice and Data goals and needs. From that formulated plan ABIS will design the infrastructure to meet and exceed your business communications expectations. A strategic vision is required to make the most informed and knowledgeable decision.  This is where ABIS will identify the most cost-effective network and operations architectures for rollout in your environment.



Realize and Implement: Multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-department initiatives require discipline and insight in order to design and rollout with speed and accuracy. ABIS consulting services accelerate key planning and engineering processes to ensure rapid, consistent, cost-contained migration. Developing a comprehensive Ethernet backhaul plan and detailed solution designs, including network equipment and capacity requirements and configuration and connectivity is essential. Once this has been completed the implementation of knowledge transfer is started and the hands-on implementation process begins.



Optimize and Succeed: ABIS sets a goal in this stage to improve operational efficiency and customer experience by applying deep insight into telecom technology and architectures, processes, systems and data. Once ABIS gets their clients to the Optimization stage in this process we strive to keep their voice and data paths working efficiently as possible and their costs at a minimum.